Treatments and Services


Quenching can be used in heat treating for a number of reasons, but the main reason here is in transforming austenite into martensite. It is the hardening portion of the “harden and temper” process. We can quench in air, nitrogen, oil or water.

Our air hardening limitations are the size of our largest furnace which is 72” wide x 60” high x 228” long and a 25,000 Lb load limit.

Our nitrogen quench limitations are the size of our largest vacuum furnace which is 46” outside diameter x 57” high and a 2,500 Lb load limit.

Our oil quench limitations are 30” wide x 30” high x 48” long and a 2,000 Lb load limit.

Our water quench limitations are 48” high x 60” wide x 192” long and a 7,000 Lb load limit per quench.